Updraft Agency presents


with Fat Picnic
Miami Marketta, Gold Coast (Miami, QLD)
Friday, 15 March 2024 6:00 pm
17 days away
18 Plus

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BULLHORN Live on Location VI Music Video & Single Launch for ‘Ocean Breeze’ at Miami Marketta with Fat Picnic.

What do you get when you combine ocean, brass bands and high energy philosophy rap calling for wellbeing?

Bullhorn, the eclectic brass collective hailing from Brisbane, Australia, unveils their latest Live On Location single, "Ocean Breeze," a bouncy and epic sonic journey dedicated to the quest of cultivating inner calm and self-acceptance. This soulful track, part of Bullhorn's acclaimed Live On Location series, was filmed against the breathtaking backdrop of “Shorncliffe Pier - along Brisbane’s northern coastline, with the local community spontaneously and actively participating in the visual storytelling through expressive dance and classical northside cheer.

With the previous release "Way Down @ It’s Still A Secret" taking place in the midst of the city nightlife spaces, Bullhorn's "Ocean Breeze" shifts focus to nature and tranquility, showcasing the stunning oceanside location with a song that encourages listeners to protect their inner peace amidst life's challenges. The lyrics, passionately delivered by lead vocalist Roman MC, delve into the complexities and inconsistencies of modern existence, his own struggles in staying grounded, courageous responses to anxieties of the modern world, ultimately emphasising the value of introspection and reconnection to self.

The stunning ocean visuals of the clip, paired with tight rap verses, soaring horn lines, and a melodically joyous solo from trumpet player Tristan Rogers, creates a head-nodding anthem that resonates with hope and honesty. Dont get caught in the rips of comparison, anxiety for more than you need, or feel you should be. Take a breath, hit play, and remember the ocean breeze within.

For an immersive journey into the soothing waves of "Ocean Breeze," visit [website link/social/etc]. Stay tuned for more updates on Bullhorn's musical endeavors.