Totally Unicorn - Grub Tour 2018
Totally Unicorn - Grub Tour 2018
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Totally Unicorn - Grub Tour 2018

with Arse & No Doze
Lansdowne Hotel (Chippendale, NSW)
Friday, 23 November 2018 8:30 PM
1 day away
18 Plus
Metal / Hard Rock

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After taking some time off to record with producers Jonathan Boulet and James Balderston (High Tension, Luca Brasi) at Adelaide’s Ghostnote studios, Totally Unicorn have given us the first taste of forthcoming chaos with a new single 'Grub', which premiered last night on triple j's Short Fast Loud.

Thematically, and musically, the track reveals a shift in writing style for the band. Graduating from party vibes and moving into darker territory, with deeply personal lyrics. "‘Grub’ is about the lure of vices – alcohol, drugs, gambling -everything that in excess, weighs life down, making it more difficult and harder to deal with" says frontman Drew Gardiner. "It’s about friends who are in the same situation, giving advice about how badly you’re cooking life: a pot-calling-the-kettle-black kind of scenario, and that person’s dissatisfaction with you when you disregard said advice."

In the past Gardner would hide behind layers of metaphor, now his lyrics reveal a man dealing openly and unflinchingly with the pitfalls of life, warts and scars on full display. Listen further, and you’ll find a band investigating the concept of groove and, by their standards at least, simplicity.

Grub is the first single to feature Totally Unicorn’s new line-up, with former Robotosaurus drummer Adam Myers joining Gardner, Streatfeild and bassist Lee Neilson in 2017. For the first time in their career, Totally Unicorn are a four-piece with Streatfield the sole guitarist, and that lean set-up is reflected in the music they’re making. Audiences in Melbourne, Geelong (River Rocks Festival), Wollongong, Sydney and Brisbane will get the first taste of the new era of Totally Unicorn this November.

Since a raucous entry to Wollongong's music scene eight years ago, Totally Unicorn have bestowed many unwitting new audiences and die hard fans with sweaty, uninhibited and overwhelmingly entertaining shows. Making their unique mark around Australia and the world, with unpredictability as their only constant, there's never been a band quite like Totally Unicorn.