Johnny Hunter ‘FRUSTRATION 2.0’ Launch *SOLD OUT*
Johnny Hunter ‘FRUSTRATION 2.0’ Launch *SOLD OUT*
MBA + Right Hand Management

Johnny Hunter ‘FRUSTRATION 2.0’ Launch *SOLD OUT*

Low 302 (Surry Hills, NSW)
Saturday, 20 April 2024 8:00 PM
2 days away
18 Plus
Australian Artists
Celebrity / Artist

Bon voyage you good things! 

It’s been years in the making but Johnny Hunter is finally shipping off to the UK. This will be our final show in Australia.

With only 100 tickets available.
Act with haste and buy your tickets immediately. 

Do you feel vexed and foiled? Trapped and tamed? Nothing hits you quite the same. Not like it used to anyways. The feeling is mutual, this feeling my friend is Frustration

Come hither, come forth, air your frustrations with us at LOW 302 on April 20th with our dear comrades, The Engine.

 Are you alive or are you dead? Living like a Sardine in your city apartment? What is this bone and flesh that keeps you awake? 

Yours eternally,