Tijuana Cartel
Tijuana Cartel

Tijuana Cartel

Royal Oak Hotel (Launceston, TAS)
Friday, 8 October 2021 9:00 pm
15 days away
18 Plus

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Tijuana Cartel at Royal Oak Hotel (Launceston, TAS) on Friday, 8 October 2021
'Acid Pony' out worldwide Fri 4 June.

Finding their feet in the 1990s underground venues of the Gold Coast, Tijuana Cartel
have honed their live set on some of Australia’s biggest stages dishing up an east
meets west wonderland for those seeking sensory overload, euphoria, fat beats and
heavy, bass-fuelled electronica. 
Tijuana Cartel’s sound is high-energy, guitar-driven, world music for indie kids.
2020 saw the world thrown into an unexpected shutdown. For Tijuana Cartel’s duo of
writers – Paul George and Carey O’Sullivan – it meant one thing – recording! Tucked
away in their respective studios, the duo sent each other music, occasionally meeting in
person with the other band members dropping in, and such – the long-awaited new
album was finished. 
Finally, a new world dawned, and people were keen to dance. Tijuana Cartel are well
aware and have curated their new album ‘Acid pony’ with that fact in mind.
“I think when restrictions lifted, people were as keen as a technicoloured Acid Pony to
party” says Carey O’Sullivan the bands producer/writer
“I feel we are coming into this century’s version of the roaring 20’s, I think fashion and
music is going to reflect the feeling of newfound freedom.”
Although the new release has an obvious feeling of heavy baselines and move your
booty beats. There is still a deep current of musicianship and trippy interludes that are
sure to take listeners into try other-worldly realms.
The album draws on the years and years of Paul and Carey’s experience in crafting
albums and is mixed nicely with percussion by Sheila Finke and various brass
instruments added by Joshua Sinclair and Eamon Dilworth.