Venue Information for Castelli Estate, Shadforth, WA

ENTRY, BEHAVIOUR and AGE POLICY i) Permitted items vary from event to event depending on style and layout. Please check www.heatseeker.com.au and www.castelliestate.com.au for event specific terms and conditions to avoid confusion. ii) Chairs, eskies, large blankets, prams and other large items are not permitted into the venue. Maximum dimensions for cushions, tiny rugs or ground level seats is 50cm (w) x 50cm (l) x 25cm (h). If you require a chair for medical or health reasons please contact the venue prior to the event on (08) 9848 3832. iii) Any item deemed to be dangerous, hazardous, intimidating or offensive to patrons will not be allowed into the event. This will include but is not limited to items such as hard water and food containers, large bags, glass, gang colours, steel toecaps, umbrellas and animals. iv) Professional still cameras, video cameras and tape recorders are not permitted at this event. Any camera with a removable lens or zoom will be deemed professional. v) The seller reserves the right to conduct body and bag searches of all ticket holders. vi) Any patron engaging in behaviour deemed to be dangerous, hazardous, intimidating or offensive to other patrons will be ejected from the event immediately with no right to refund or exchange. This will include but is not limited to running, throwing objects, aggression and crowd surfing. vii) This ticket is sold subject to the conditions on this ticket and any additional conditions displayed on the event venue’s website. viii) PASS OUTS ARE NOT PERMITTED ix) There are no ATM or credit facilities available at this venue. x) All events at Castelli Estate are smoke-free. AGE POLICIES i) Minors are permitted to attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. MAXIMUM OF TWO minors per parent or legal guardian. All minors including babies in arms/toddlers must hold a valid ticket. ii) Where an event is licensed, or has licensed areas, official Australian 18+ photo identification will be required for entry (driver’s license, passport). Any patron refused admission due to inappropriate identification has no right to any refund or exchange. iii) Patrons under the age of 18 attempting to be served in or enter any 18+ areas by way of force, stealth or false identification will be ejected from the event immediately with no right to any refund or exchange. iv) Guardians purchasing liquor for minors will be immediately ejected from the venue with no right to any refund or exchange. v) Whilst every precaution has been taken to ensure the event area is a safe environment, you enter the site at your own risk and undertake to notify venue staff of any hazards or dangerous situations that you notice while on site. FOOD/DRINK POLICY i) Small amounts of soft wrapped food and sealed or empty soft plastic water bottles may be brought into the event. These may be stored in small plastic or cloth bags. Any prohibited items will be confiscated. ii) Respectfully priced food and beverages and both bottled and free water will be available at the event. iii) Strictly no BYO alcohol.

Telephone: Ph (08) 9848 3832
Website: http://castelliestate.com.au
Address: 380 Mount Shadforth Road Shadforth WA 6333
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