Jobe's Journey

A Fundraising Event For A Special Family

Friday 15 December 2017 (opening 7:00 PM)

at Shoppingtown Hotel ( venue info )
19 Williamsons Road, Doncaster VIC


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Jobe was born with a genetic mutation that severely compromises the immune system called X-Linked Hyper IgM (CD40 Ligand deficiency). He was diagnosed in the first few months of age and started immunoglobulin replacement therapy not long after. This was conducted for the past 3.5 yrs at home every Tuesday night via a subcutaneous transfusion.
Jobes health, even with treatment, will not be fine forever and the only cure to his condition was a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). The best outcomes are when the patients are under 5yrs and have minimal health issues. We were very lucky that due to his very early diagnoses and good health Jobe went into this with the high chance of a successful transplant.
Jobe was in isolation at the Kookaburra Ward at the Royal Children’s Hospital for 176 days with his parents rotating shifts, and was not able to have visitors, including his two young sisters. This brave, then 3yr old battled against several life-threatening infections, chemotherapy and many many other horrid drugs, 1000’s of litres of medicine through a central line and nasal tube, countless painful procedures and general anaesthetics, he fevered in high 39-41 degrees for 3 months straight and sadly couldn't live life how most 3yrs old do.
Jobe was released into home isolation in July, whilst that milestone was celebrated he has a very long and hard road ahead. Jobe sadly was diagnosed with graft vs host disease in multiple organs, a rare life-threatening complication from transplant and is now also at a great risk of infection for an extended period. He continues treatment a few times per week as an outpatient now and his blood counts are closely watched several days per week.To assist Jobe on his journey, a dedicated night will be held on the 15 Dec 17 at the Shoppingtown Hotel. This event is to raise money to help create opportunities to have some better memories with his family as he recovers and in the future. 
100% of all funds will go to the Warden family for Jobe. This is one chance you have to make a small difference for a remarkable young boy.


This is an 18+ event.

* Over 18's only unless advertised otherwise. * Photo ID is essential,­ acceptable ID is a current and valid Australian Photo Drivers Licence or Passport. Please check with the venue for any other acceptable forms of photo ID * All children under 18 not permitted including small children and babies * Intoxicated persons will not be admitted * No thongs or steel cap boots * The venue reserves the right to refuse admission to any person * Dangerous behaviour including Crowd Surfing, Stage Diving, Moshing and Violent Dancing is not allowed and will result in your immediate removal from this venue.*Inappropriate behaviour at this venue will lead to your banning.*